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Reducing pointless stress for meaningful progress.

Stressors can occur in obvious ways, or they can sneak in under the radar and sabotage progress from the inside out.

Either way, in the long term un-useful stress can harm health, undermine relationships and stifle creativity.

Plus ... it can get in the way of feeling good ... developing ideas ... collaborating and making a satisfying contribution!

Of course some overwhelm seems inevitable: a necessary expression of emotion in response to life events and challenges.

But unwanted default patterns of thought and physiology that disable or self-sabotage can be simply a waste of time and energy.

My vision is to help create a world filled with resourcefulness, creativity and courage so that we can help ourselves and each other.

I do that by helping clients adjust their thinking to better access their full capacity for creating great work, relationships and health.

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Amanda Moore BAC, Dip. Prof. Coaching, ICF accredited
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